Flat Roof Conversions

If you have an old flat roof that would be expensive to replace, you may find that flat to pitched roofing could be the answer.

In a flat to pitched roof conversion, new and lightweight modular structures are built onto the existing roof construction.

These are assembled at roof level, and because they’re lightweight, there’s only limited increased weight on the building structure.

We’ve worked on flat roof conversions for many years, and for clients in every sector. It goes without saying that before starting any project we’ll come on site, and make sure that this is the best option for you.

We’ll provide a thorough specification and clear quotation, and we’ll do our best to provide fresh and innovative ideas about how best to carry out the work. We ensure that our recommendations fit your budget, and meet your long-term needs.


Cost effective alternative
Utilises existing infrastructure
Minimal disruption

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