Eco Roofing

GSPR Roofing specialise in the design and installation of green roofing, or eco-roofs, to enhance the appearance of any structure.

An eco-roof is a living roof system comprised of a waterproof membrane that allows you to grow vegetation, or grass on the roof of your building, lowering your carbon footprint and making sure you are doing your bit for your local environment.

If you are considering a green roof, it is always best to have your roof assessed by a professional, to ensure that the structure will take the extra weight of an eco or grass roof.

The team here at Gspr can do just that, and will ensure a proper root membrane is installed to avoid structural damage to your building, and that sufficient drainage and irrigation systems are installed, to ensure a long lasting, reliable and safe green roof.


Lessen the amount of rain that runs off the roof

Insulate your property, reducing energy costs

Provides a habitat for local wildlife

Solar energy reduces cost

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